Your Strategy to Grease Management

Our Proposal

Our proposal is to work with our clients and support them with a strategic approach to grease management.
  • To become a dedicated point of contact in their business for all fog (fats, oils & grease) related issues.
  • To offer best value with the best product of its type which meets all of the requirements of the client, the local water authorities and the environment agency.
  • To enable the client to protect their sites, the main sewer network and the environment by delivering a cost effective, sustainable and environmental solution to local, shared private and main sewer fog related drainage problems.
The first proactive grease trap to deal with emulsified and saturated animal fats and FOGs, before they solidify!
GreaseShield™ is a Pro-Active Mechanical Grease Trap taking advantage of waste thermal energy present in effluent being discharged from commercial kitchens to remove emulsified FOGs, particularly saturated animal fats before they solidify. GreaseShield™ works to remove and dewater organic solid matter that is typically entrained in the effluent preventing anaerobic foul smelling conditions brought

GreaseShield Benefits

  • Proactive grease recovery system.
  • Superior performance to any competitor.
  • User friendly, simple and easy to operate.
  • No heating element and no risk of a FOG fire.
  • Automatic removal of fats, oils, grease and food waste.
  • Lowest energy consumption of any grease removal units.
  • Low running costs (ave. £700 per year less than similar type products)
  • LWA & EA Approved
  • The only Green Eco certified
For more detailed information, download our PDF document here
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