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Blocked drains, surprise floods, or even just unpleasant smells, can cost your business time, money and your good name. It’s great to know that, in a drainage emergency, your local Able Services PDM engineers are there for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


All of our engineers are capable of completing plumbing repairs. This enables a comprehensive approach to your drainage problems, providing an enhanced first time fix rate as well as ensuring less inconvenience to site and avoiding recurring issues.


Our combination units are designed to clean large diameter pipe work removing stubborn obstructions such as roots, cement and debris using specialised cutting heads. Meanwhile our tanker units will remove wet and dry materials and provide a full septic tank cleaning service and then transport the waste to registered disposal sites


We offer CCTV surveys using the latest technology which allows our engineers to investigate faulty pipes, drains and sewers remotely, sending a camera right into the heart of the blockage. We’ll identify exactly what’s wrong from close-up imagery during the CCTV drain survey and then work out the simplest, quickest and most cost-effective way to put right any structural problems, before you’ve suffered the cost and inconvenience of digging down to the fault.


We’ll do everything we can to solve your drainage problem, blocked drain or sewer without the need for disruptive drain excavation. But when we need to dig down to sort out your drainage problem, we’ll get the job done swiftly, safely and with the utmost care.


Save your business from expensive and disruptive excavation works, with our swift and cost-effective pipe lining and pipe repair services. Our trained engineers can remove the need to excavate when your drainage system has suffered tree-root damage, broken pipes or leaking ground-water.


Prevention is always better than cure! Our planned maintenance drain cleaning services can be suited to our client’s site requirements that will ensure drainage issues are avoided.


Working within our commercial client’s estate and individual properties to provide grease management solutions. By identifying contamination points and installing suitable equipment to reduce and eliminate sewer contamination. Providing a solution to FOG drain blockages, ensuring our clients comply with current building regulations, adhere to Local Water Authority requirements and uphold their environmental responsibilities. More Details here.


Over usage of water on commercial properties can prove very costly. Our surveyors will work with Local Water Authorities and information captured by our client’s data loggers to provide an intrusive report that will identify the source of the over usage and recommend the best course of action required to rectify and reduce utility costs.

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